The Site

Enderby Logistics Hub


The site has been allocated for employment uses in the Blaby District Council Local Plan Delivery Development Plan Document.

It is the only major site for new employment that is identified. The Plan identifies a need for some 24.41 hectares of employment land, so the site is marginally above this and can provide for beyond the plan period of 2029, although there have also been some more recent losses of employment land such as the Everards brewery, so the need may have increased further. The recently published longer term growth requirements for the county in the Strategic Growth Plan identifies the need for further growth across the county to 2031 and 2036 and beyond, so the site can contribute to meeting those needs too.

Main Site

The Planning Application

The site is owned by the Drummond Estate and The Inverock Trust. The development is being promoted by The Drummond Estate and Landchain, a specialist design-led, promotion and master development company.

It is our intention to submit an outline application for the Logistics Hub in the Spring of 2019. When the application is registered by the authority, we will post it up here, or provide a link where you can read the application and all the material we submit, on the council’s planning website.