The Site

Enderby Logistics Hub


Is the site suitable for development?

It is well-located next to the national motorway network and close to urban areas to serve their customers – there are very few sites that offer these opportunities. The site is of limited ecological significance and existing boundary hedgerows will be maintained. The historic route of the Fosse Way will be protected within the site as part of the development. New landscaped earth bunds and screens would be constructed at the outset to screen views into the site.

How many jobs will be created?

Approximately 2,000 new permanent jobs; 1,500 on site with the remainder within the local economy through goods and services purchased locally. During construction, around a further 125 jobs would be delivered.

Many of the jobs created would be accessible to local people. Through our proposed ‘Economy, Employment and Training Strategy’, which we would agree with the local authority, we would ensure that local people benefit from the development in terms of construction jobs, construction training and sourcing of new employment opportunities in the businesses within the site. The Training Centre would specialise in providing training in the sector and make the site a focus for training and skills development in the region.

Where can I find out more?

If you have a specific question then you can email the team at or write to Po Box 6406, Milton Keynes MK10 1HJ.
We look forward to receiving your feedback.